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Welcome To Arulmigu Vinayagar Temple, Eachanari

Lord Vinayaga is the first and formost Hindu deity and he symbolises pranav manthara Ohm the sound which is everlast and everlive at the creation and destruction of this universe. Lord Vinayaga symbolises Ohm Pranav manthara is a presiding deity of this temple, and this temple is situated 10km away from Coimbatore to Pollachi enroute.Eachanari vinayagar temple eachanarivinayagartemple

The Moolavar of this temple is actually made for the installation at Perur, Arulmighu Patteswarar Temple and since the cart carrying moolavar struckdown at this place from Madurai and Eachanari become the blessed place of Lord Vinayaga.Eachanari Vinayagar Temple Eachanari Vinayagar Temple Eachanari Vinayagar

Hence the Vinayagar in this place is called as “Eachanari Vinayagar”, one of the famous vinayaga of whole Tamilnadu.vinayagar temple eachanari vinayagar temple

Lord Vinayaga is venerated as the foremost God of the Universe. He is glorified as the chief of the Vedas he is the flame of wisdom. One of the famous Vinayagar Temple is one at Eachanari, which is situatedon the Pollachi highway 9 Kms away from Coimbatore.Eachanari Vinayagar

Welcome to
Arulmigu Vinayagar Temple,

  • Tamil New Year
  • Aadi Perukku
  • Vinayagar Chathurthi
  • Saraswathy Pooja
  • Deepavali
  • Karthigai Deepam
  • English New Year
  • Thai Pongal & Thai Poosam
  • Panguni Uttiram

   Ganapathy Homam

Every day at early morning 5.30am, Ganapathy Homam is conducted. For that, Rs.1500 is charged from the sevarthigal.

   Free Marriage Scheme

This temple arranges free marriages of socially down trodden people as per the direction given by the Honourable Chief Minister of TamilNadu.

   Anbu Illam

This temple runs “Anbu Illam” with 25 students and provides them with free lodging and boarding and free supply of books and cloths to the students which is appreciated by general public.

   Gold Chariot

Rs.55 lakhs has been spent to build a golden chariot for this temple. Since 14-07-1998 this scheme has been doing well.

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The management and control of the temples and the administration of their endowments is one of the primary responsibilities of the State. A number of measures have been undertaken prior to the year 1925 for efficient control and supervision of the administration of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments.

Workship Time

This Temple is opened at 5am everyday and is closed at 10pm without any break of worship time. Everyday “Ganapathy Homam” is performed by Kattalaitharars as on date 350 Kattalaitharars for “Ganapathy Homam” regularly performed each day. For performing “Ganapathy Homam Pooja", the Kattalaitharar has to pay Rs.15,000/- that amount will be deposited and the interest accured on deposit will be utilised the “Ganapathy Homam” Pooja every year as requested by the Kattalaitharar.