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Arulmigu Eachanari Vinayagar Temple - Annadhanam  

*"The Best Donation is Food Donation one Who Gives food,gives Life."

On 23-03-2002 TamilNadu Government began 'Annadhanam' in 63 temples for sevarthigal who come to worship God in the afternoon. Every day 'Annadhanam' is being done successfully for 150 people. It costs Rs.20 per person and those interested in giving 'Annadhanam' to around 150 persons will have to deposit Rs.3000. If sevarthigal deposits Rs.20000, they can give Annadhanam whenever they want. Till now 75 persons have deposited in this scheme. We invite you to join this scheme, feed the hungry and wish you to live with happiness and prosperity.

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